nobody cares

by serendipity

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this demo is based off a short story that i wrote which no one will ever read


released September 24, 2016

marco - guitar/vocals
chris - guitar/vocals
juan - bass
kyle - drums
recorded and produced by marco
music and lyrics written by marco
special thanks to my dog, hot funyuns, and chief keef



all rights reserved


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serendipity Romeoville, Illinois

were just a couple of dudes who make pretty riffs with sad lyrics.
inspirations include:

old gray
free throw
tiny moving parts

in that order

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Track Name: jokes over guys
"it all started when i entered high school. well at least thats when it started to get worse. i began to think differently of everything and everything began to think differently of me. i noticed an increase of anxiety and it kept getting worse up until junior year where i became textbook awkward or antisocial. the counselors and social workers wouldnt leave me alone when i told them i wanted to drop out. my parents were pretty upset as well. i mean, im just this outcast with nothing to live for. quite frankly, i dont like it"

all i want in life is to matter
i want to mean something to someone, anyone
im losing my sense of reality and overall sanity
its all in your head, thats what they say

goodbye, innocence
Track Name: good times
the sun has never looked so small
so cold so scared so alone
am i even on the right planet
i always feel so lost

im starting to think the only way i can become happy
is if i kill myself, but im too afraid
how selfish is that
how messed up is it that i find that selfish

and i know that ill never be happy again
the moment i realized that was the happiest moment of my life
Track Name: what are you
i dont think theres a hate in this world
stronger than what i have for myself
i feel so old and im only eighteen
it must be cause of my short and exhausting childhood

i never thought the weight of my problems
would be replaced by my fathers car
but i guess im alright
at least for now

death is just a deep sleep
ill be back when the world isnt so cruel
and i just want you to know

as my vision fades, i finally feel at peace

death is just a deep sleep
ill be back when the world isnt so cruel
Track Name: its not science fiction
my eyes are bloodshot
and my heart is aching
my vision is blurred
and my thoughts are racing

today, i learned that theres nothing left
that this is all so pointless
i am but a speck in time
i feel so worthless

"how about you listen to me for once. theres no order or pattern. it can happen to anyone at anytime and it isnt fair, i know, but if you look past the pain and horror aspect of it, youd be more accepting. i mean, its an exit out of this mad world, you know? once you die, youre free from everything and to answer your question: no, i am not afraid to die"

for you are death, yet you are alive

you wold (told) me that i wouldnt fall for you

so can you fucking hear me now
i want to fucking kill myself